Developing wearable technologies as a Senior Signal Processing Engineer

After completing her master’s degree in brain-computer interfaces (BCI) from Professor Tom Chau’s lab in 2019, Rozhin Yousefi embarked on a journey through adjacent industries, capitalizing on her expertise in signal processing, machine learning, and physiological data analysis. Now serving as the Senior Signal Processing Engineer at WHOOP, she specializes in developing and refining wearable devices aimed at tracking health and fitness.

“At WHOOP, our focus is on crafting smart wearable bands designed to optimize health and fitness,” says Yousefi. “My role centres on developing algorithms that scrutinize sensor data from these bands to provide personalized recommendations for enhancing performance and well-being.”

WHOOP’s forte lies in harnessing data-driven insights to boost human performance and well-being. Their flagship product, smart wearable bands, offers personalized suggestions based on real-time data collected round the clock.

“Our continuous monitoring of key physiological metrics like heart rate variability, sleep quality, and activity levels empowers users with insights into their health and fitness,” explains Yousefi. “Through cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics, WHOOP aims to enable individuals to make informed decisions and maximize their potential.”

During her time in Professor Chau’s lab, Yousefi delved into improving BCIs, which aid people with severe movement difficulties in communication by translating their brain signals into commands. Her PhD thesis delved into using error-related potentials (ErrPs) to automatically rectify BCI mistakes.

“Our findings suggest that utilizing ErrPs to correct errors can enhance the accuracy of both cue-based and self-paced BCIs for non-motor imagery tasks, potentially enhancing their efficacy for individuals with movement difficulties,” she notes.

Yousefi’s academic journey equipped her with a diverse skill set spanning signal processing, machine learning, and physiological data analysis. This foundation, coupled with her entrepreneurial experience, fuels her drive for innovation at WHOOP.

“My day-to-day at WHOOP entails data analysis, algorithm refinement, and collaboration with cross-functional teams,” says Yousefi. “While I find it immensely gratifying to witness the positive impact our product has on users’ lives, navigating the competitive market landscape remains a significant challenge.”

The industry is witnessing a shift towards smaller, more convenient wearables like rings, alongside rapid technological advancements and the introduction of new features by competitors. This necessitates a proactive approach to integrating innovations while continually innovating to stay ahead.

“By staying agile and responsive to industry trends, we can ensure our product remains relevant and compelling to users, driving continued success in the field,” concludes Yousefi.