Celebrating the 38th Student Research Conference (ToBE)

Words from ToBE organizers:

photo credit:
Qin Dai

The 2022 Toronto Biomedical Engineering Conference was held at Hart House this past month. We were inspired to see nearly 200 students at the conference and to witness the exciting multi-disciplinary research, especially within our conference theme of personalized medicine.

Dr. Michael Snyder, Dr. Nancy Allbritton and Dr. Andrew Tsourkas captivated audiences during their keynote speeches, and poster/oral presenters impressed the judges with their scientific rigour and innovative problem-solving skills across clinical, molecular, and tissue engineering streams. Outside of the scientific presentations, this year’s workshops greatly captured the graduate student experience, as participants were led through mindfulness exercises and learned tips and tricks to succeed in graduate school. 

Our event concluded with a dinner at the Royal Ontario Museum, where the following award winners were announced: 

Best Abstract: 

Clinical: Bojing Gui

Molecular: Kaitlin Szederkenyi 

Cell and Tissue: Ileana Co

Best Poster Presentations: 

Clinical: Andrew Effat

Molecular: Angelico Obille

Cell and Tissue: Maya Ezzo, Vera Pieters

Best Oral Presentations: 

Clinical: Karlo Nesovic

Molecular: Anson Lau

Cell and Tissue: Natalie Landon-Brace

Most Valuable Players on the Conference Organizing Team: 

Doris Adao, Saif Rjaibi, Kai Slaughter

Most Spirited Attendee: 

Janice Pang

ToBE Conference Photos

ROM Dinner Celebration Photos