Engineering Innovations Forum—Tissue Engineering: Radisic

Cardiovascular tissue engineering professor Milica Radisic shared her lab’s latest innovations with the general public at this year’s Engineering Innovations Forum, held March 2 as part of National Engineering Month.

Her talk highlighted several recent discoveries from her research group in the Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering (IBBME), including a new scaffold that supports the growth of realistic heart and liver tissues outside the body. Such tissues provide an ideal platform for testing new drugs for side effects, but the hope is that one day they will allow for the replacement of damaged human organs. “Organ regeneration is certainly something we will achieve in the future,” said Radisic.

Radisic was among three other U of T engineers invited to speak at this year’s event.

The Engineering Innovations Forum was initiated in 1990 has been part of National Engineering Month ever since. It is organized by Professional Engineers Ontario and several partner organizations.