Faces of BME – Ali Howidi

MASc candidate from Paul Yoo lab

I was born in Langley BC, but moved and lived in Abu Dhabi UAE, for 10 years before moving to Ontario. I believe being presented to different environments and cultures allowed me to harbour this multifaceted approach to the world. I love biomedical engineering because of the multidisciplinary approach that is applied to every project, there is no limit to the depth you can go into one field while also implementing approaches from another discipline. That not only applies to work, but I am always pushing myself to view the world in from different points of view, regardless of upbringing and setting.

I did my major in psychology and neuroscience and a minor in computer science. Jumping between classes in totally different disciplines has provided me a career and passion that I will chase for many years to come. Right now, I’m working in Dr. Paul Yoo’s lab, using data science and machine learning I am researching a novel method of recording continuous blood pressure – through a prosthetic.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of deaths worldwide. I believe my work provides a strong basis for future prosthetics to monitor blood pressure. I am excited to be able to contribute towards improving the quality-of-life patients can have.

Since the pandemic began, I have tried to venture into different genres of music and in my free time, like to go to some of the record stores in Toronto and buy vinyl that catches my eye. After a long day of research, I love to unwind and listen to a full album front to back.