Faces of BME – Melissa R. & Melanie R.

MEng candidates

Qin (Bill) Dai

We’re best friends. We have similar personalities, which is why we both ended up in IBBME. We were drawn to the MEng program at IBBME because, unlike most master’s programs, it was project-based. The internship allows for course-based knowledge to be applied practically.

We’re trying to live our best life in Toronto. It’s not like the East Coast, but there’s a lot to do here.

With our positive psychology course, we had to go on adventures every week and then write about them and bring it back to what we’re trying to improve in ourselves. So we did different things. I [Melanie] did an improv class at Second City, we went to the Christmas market, we saw the Nutcracker and we went to eat in the dark at Onoir, you know, that’s just a bunch of things that you wouldn’t really get to do so we’re just trying to do that here.