Introducing the 2023 Toronto Biomedical Engineering Conference Chairs: Zi Xuan Zhang and Eileen Zhong

Since its establishment in 1985, the Toronto Biomedical Engineering Conference (ToBE) has maintained a prominent position as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and innovative ideas within the field of biomedical engineering. This student-organized event, previously recognized as the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering Annual Research Conference (iARC), has consistently adapted to present the pioneering research of graduate students and faculty members. Noteworthy is ToBE’s distinction as the University of Toronto’s most enduring student-organized conference, underscoring its lasting influence on the discipline.

With a distinguished history spanning nearly four decades, ToBE has consistently attracted leading scholars in the field of biomedical engineering, providing a platform for over 300 students and more than 100 faculty members to convene and participate in insightful deliberations. This annual assembly, set amidst the esteemed backdrop of one of Canada’s foremost academic institutions, affords attendees a distinctive opportunity to interact with eminent scientists and delve into the latest advancements in both academia and industry on a global scale.

As ToBE embarks on its latest chapter in 2023, we are proud to introduce the leadership duo at the helm of this year’s event: Zi Xuan Zhang and Eileen Zhong.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Zi Xuan Zhang and Eileen Zhong, as they chart a course toward another year of transformative advancements in biomedical engineering at ToBE 2023.

Photo credit: Qin Dai

Eileen (Liyang) Zhong is a third-year PhD student from the Sone lab. Her research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of collagen mineralization. She is very excited to be co-chairing the ToBE conference in 2024, and she hopes to create an event for all students to connect and showcase their hard work with one another!

Photo credit: Qin Dai

Zi Xuan Zhang is starting her third year of Ph.D. studies at the Sone & Viswanathan labs, working on developing a hydrogel for bone repair. She is super excited to be planning this year’s ToBE conference and she looks forward to helping you share your research and make new friends in the BME community!