Meet the incoming class of 2022

In September, BME welcomed 100+ students into our graduate programs. We asked some of these students why they chose our programs, and what they are looking forward to in this unusual year. Here's what they have to say.

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Qin Dai

Amel Sassi
MASc Program

Having completed an undergraduate degree in Medical Sciences, I knew there was so much more to learn about the world of technology and engineering. Inspired by the various research facilities and experiences of alumni, I was drawn to Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto as I knew it would be the perfect place to develop crucial problem-solving and innovative skills. Above all, the opportunities and support for entrepreneurship seemed endless, which would allow me to take advantage of UofT’s environment that is truly conducive to growth.

I am looking forward to becoming an active member of the discourse surrounding my field of interest. Specifically, as a MASc student, I now have the opportunity to work with and learn from many individuals in the industry, and in academia that I have looked up to for many years. Having the chance to now be able to sit at the table and take part in these discussions alongside like-minded peers is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Chayapol Kulatumyotin
MEng Program

BME at the University of Toronto offers a variety of different courses, and it gave me the opportunity to choose topics I wanted to further explore. People from around the world come here to learn which makes it an excellent opportunity to network and meet new people.

I look forward to learning, engaging with my peers, making new experiences, and exploring the world around me!

Gloria-Edith Boudreault-Morales
MASc Program

My goal in life is to help others, and I feel this program is a step in the right direction for that. During my MASc degree, I look forward to further developing my research skills!

Hugo Higuero
PhD Program

I chose to study Biomedical Engineering at UofT because the department possesses one-of-a-kind advantages that allow students to maximize their learning and expertise. The option for a custom-tailored curriculum, as well as its mix-and-match options for electives makes it an excellent choice for developing one’s knowledge and skills to their fullest potential. This is paired well with the constant collaboration with renowned healthcare institutions such as the University Hospital Network, the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research, and The Hospital for Sick Children.

I am looking forward to learning as much as possible, developing effective technologies that empower people and their health, and making life-long friends along the way.

Paarsa Salman
MEng Program

I chose this program because I was inspired by the potential for empathetic and scalable medical solutions to transform pressing local and global needs. The MEng program at UofT offers both academic and industry perspectives approaching technical projects with a spirit of collaboration. This program provides the skillset, support, and strategies that can transform a vision into reality.

I am most excited to connect with my peers and professors through meaningful projects and research. I am also looking forward to strengthening the bridge between research & clinical impact by engaging directly with communities, professionals, & patients. Lastly, I can’t wait to explore the city and try out new food!

Ruiwen Xian
MEng Program

I had done some research projects in biomedical devices during my undergraduate studies, and I love the feeling of being able to apply the latest research in the medical device industry. As a MEng student, I want to learn more about biomedical industries and looking forward to participating in internships and lab activities.

Griffin Copp
MASc Program

The Biomedical Engineering graduate program at the University of Toronto attracted me because of its unique ties with hospitals and innovators both in the city and internationally.

During my time pursuing a MASc I look forward to meeting like-minded people that are working to tackle the most pressing problems in healthcare.

Zach Frangos
MEng Program

As a UofT alumnus, there is nowhere I’d rather further my education. I am looking forward to narrowing my focus and learning more about cutting-edge topics regarding biomedical devices.

Seyedmohammadsaleh Mirzatabatabaei
PhD Program

I chose biomedical engineering because of its highly professional resources, professors and facilities. I look forward to making international progress in the field of my research.

Vrushali Guruji
PhD Program

I chose the biomedical engineering program at the University of Toronto because of its innovative and collaborative atmosphere. As a student joining the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research, I am incredibly appreciative of the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most prominent professors and clinicians in the world to address pressing medical issues.

I look forward to networking with like-minded academics and contributing to the rapidly evolving field of biomedical engineering!

Ivan Napoles
MEng Program

I chose BME at UofT for multiple reasons. I had already developed a great interest in the field since my undergrad and wished to develop my theoretical knowledge within it. Many of the courses offered by the University caught my attention and having the possibility to add the ELITE emphasis to give an important edge to the MEng degree truly made it my top choice.

I look forward to enriching my theoretical knowledge of this field of engineering and learning how to apply it to real-world challenges. I am also excited to connect with fellow graduate students and professors as I take great interest in upcoming research and projects. Finally, I also look forward to the internship where I seek to gain valuable work experience in the biomedical engineering realm.

Raymond Hawkins
MASc Program

During my undergraduate studies in the Biomedical Systems Engineering major of Engineering Science at UofT I was introduced to many Profs in BME with interesting and applicable research. The collaborative environment within and between the faculties constantly inspires new research ideas. I knew that a MASc in BME would allow me to apply my technical skills to many exciting biological applications.

I’m looking forward to the chance to dive fully into my research and have the freedom of steering my thesis in the direction of my interests. I am also very excited to both use and develop new tools for foundational biology research.

Rawad Alkallas
MASc Program

The University of Toronto offers a high level of education and research. It would be an honour to contribute my own skills and talents to the university to further pioneer technological advancements in Canada.

I strive to make innovative strides in my field and ultimately provide support and healing to all whom my research can affect.

Vanessa Parayaoan
MEng Program

I chose Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto because it offers a unique opportunity to study at the intersection of engineering and medicine through both coursework and hands-on practical experience. The university allows me to learn from the best while also providing endless opportunities to embark on entrepreneurial ventures within the institute.

I’m looking forward to building on my undergraduate engineering knowledge and learning more about the unique specialized fields within Biomedical Engineering. I’m also excited to meet like-minded people and make meaningful networking connections.

Nai-Lun Ko
MEng Program

As a student of BME at the University of Toronto, I will be able to gain valuable professional skills for my future career. I selected the program because of its unique curriculum and the opportunity to gain more professional skills in my field. Also, this is a city I feel at home as I have lived here for my undergraduate time.

I look forward to making good friends and learning more real-world skills to apply in my future as a biomedical engineer.

Jonathan Lu Duong
MEng Program

I chose to study Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto for its world-class professors, its fascinating and in-depth curriculum, and the incredibly capable peers I will be studying and eventually working alongside. There are also so many amazing opportunities to work in the biomedical field in Toronto, and I can see myself growing immensely both in skill and knowledge while studying and working here.

I look forward to learning about the many different fields within biomedical engineering! There are many interesting topics such as regenerative medicine, biomaterials, and medical imaging to learn. Along with that, I am looking forward to connect with students and faculty alike to establish a strong network within the biomedical engineering field.

Alyssia Sanchez
MASc Program

I chose to study BME at the University of Toronto because of the unparalleled network of scientists and clinicians conducting cutting-edge research. The university also has close relations with many hospitals and companies, which provides students with endless opportunities to problem-solve and apply meaningful research in real-world settings. My experiences in the biotech industry have really solidified my interests in biomedical engineering and my desire to drive innovation in this field, which led to my decision to pursue graduate studies.

There is so much that I’m looking forward to this year! I’m excited to connect with like-minded individuals, to further develop my professional skills, and make significant contributions to the scientific community. Ultimately, I aspire to make a positive impact on patients and improve their overall quality of life.

Yumna Irfan
MEng Program

The MEng program at UofT offered a unique opportunity to learn about biomedical product development and gain industry experience through an internship.

I am looking forward to exploring new topics and meeting my peers!

Isdora Msigwa
MEng Program

I chose the University of Toronto because the areas of my interest in the field of biomedical engineering align with the major areas of coursework and research focus at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

As a graduate student, I intend to capitalize on opportunities to work on complex problems in biomedical engineering, network with a community of like-minded individuals and interact with world-class faculty members.

Weiqi Han
MEng Program

The program would advance my critical and creative skills for working in the field of medical device design & manufacturing.

I’m looking forward to making new connections and further developing my skills in the biomedical engineering field.

Sara Alatrash
MASc Program

I found a true passion in the areas of research available at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto.

I am eager to develop myself in research and academia, and I am motivated to begin this experience that aligns with my career goal of being a researcher in the biomedical engineering field. Starting my Master in Applied Science degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto is one of the most important goals on my path.

Hannah Smegal
MASc Program

I chose Biomedical Engineering because it integrates the application of technical skills with problem-solving in medicine and health care. Studying at the University of Toronto enables me to be exposed to various hospital partners and leaders in the biotechnology industry.

I am excited to collaborate with the U of T community and its research network to contribute toward knowledge advancements and innovation. I am also looking forward to making new friends and developing my skills in AI and robotics!

Sophia Farcas
MEng Program

Biomedical engineers are at the forefront of the medical technology industry; they participate in innovations that can leave significant impacts on whole population. I aspire to be a part of this community and contribute to the advancement of medicine through pursuing my degree in biomedical engineering. I chose UofT particularly due to its extensive network and connections to a plethora of biotechnology companies and hospitals ,as well as the unique opportunity it provides students to take courses under the ELITE emphasis that prepares them with the practical skills needed to succeed in the real world.

I am looking forward to creating a community with like-minded individuals and enriching myself in as many learning opportunities I can get my hands on, so that one day, I contribute something meaningful to the medical community.

Bright Li
MEng Program

I chose BME because of the internship opportunities, and I look forward to learning transferable skills during my time here.

Famous Ghanyo Tay
MEng Program

My interest in biomedical engineering is birthed out of my childhood experiences as one of my closest friends, Michael, suffered from a car accident, which left him bedridden for almost a year. We usually visited a physiotherapist through his recovery process, where I was exposed to rehabilitation science. I became curious about the assistive technologies used to help people recover and developed a mentoring relationship with the physiotherapist who treated him. I chose Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto because of the unique curriculum and the innovative research by the scientists and clinicians in neural engineering. Through this program, I hope to learn innovative and engineering ways of improving the quality of life of people through assistive technology.

I am looking forward to carrying out scientific research on how neural circuits can be utilized to address neurological disorders. Also, I intend to join student clubs, where I will hone my technical and leadership skills and experience the diversified culture. I look forward to collaborating with other students on research and also, making meaningful networks.

Neha Sam
MEng Program

After working in medical development for three years, I chose to go back to school to upgrade my technical and clinical skills. UofT had all the courses I was looking for – from AI and machine learning to business and project management.

I’m excited to be learning again and I’m looking forward to meeting like-minded people.

Maisha Chowdhury
MEng Program

I am passionate about working with medical devices to advance our healthcare. I chose BME at the University of Toronto because I wish to dig deeper into my passion and learn more about the product development process, from the initial brainstorm to the product launch.

I look forward to embracing new opportunities, expanding my skillset, making new friends and being challenged to grow and be the best engineer that I can be.

Yasser Karam
MASc Program

The university has leaders in the field and ample opportunity to pursue all sorts of streams in Biomedical Engineering. I look forward to learning different perspectives from friends and through my research about Biomedical Engineering.

Sheldon Mei
MASc Program

I chose Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto because I hope to pursue a career in the industries of pharmaceuticals or biotechnology. Obtaining a graduate degree from this program will allow me to hone my skills and knowledge as a researcher to pursue my career goals, but also explore other interesting opportunities. Having also obtained my bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto, I understand that this institution has an outstanding reputation in the fields of life sciences, engineering, and technology

I look forward to not only being a student and researcher but to also becoming a professional in the workforce. I am also interested in networking with other like-minded individuals who share an interest in life sciences and technology.

Tenzin Yangzom
MASc Program

I chose Biomedical Engineering at the U of T specifically because of how well-established the program is. U of T is a pioneer in the biomedical engineering space, with great faculty members and a network across multiple disciplines and hospitals – all very exciting to me!

I am looking forward to collaborating with smart and innovative individuals, as we break new ground, all while developing new technologies and research skills.

Julia Handfield
MASc Program

A mix of the exciting research conducted within this department and at the university as a whole, the interesting and enriching courses offered, and the interdisciplinary nature of the program. Coming from a degree in physiology and wanting to pursue stem cell research, I was looking for a Master’s program that would allow me to expand my knowledge in biomedical sciences through the lens of cell and tissue engineering, and UofT’s Biomedical Engineering provides exactly that, in the heart of a city known for its collaborative and first-class research and clinical institutions

I am looking forward to exploring how the learning process will be for me and finding ways to enrich my learning and research. Feeling really connected to my work, and having pride in and ownership over it feels like a big responsibility that I’m excited to undertake and explore. I’m also intrigued by the endless opportunities for collaboration and discussion with like-minded individuals. 

Fei Li
MASc Program

I chose BME because I wanted to explore its multidisciplinary network and also take a look at science through a more technological lens. I want to see how research conducted in the lab can be incorporated into medicine and used by patients.

I am looking forward to collaborating with many different individuals and learning about their diverse research ideas and techniques. Overall, I am excited to contribute to research!

Alireza Ettefagh
PhD Program

Studying here grants me the opportunity to develop my knowledge in an environment where I can collaborate with clinicians, patients, and the relevant industry.

I am looking forward to gaining major skills to make a valuable contribution towards the development of new concepts for the prediction and prevention of health issues.

Anat Usatinsky
MASc Program

I liked the advantageous geographical location and the resources available at UofT, and I’m looking forward to growing as a researcher and expanding my network!