Meet the incoming class of 2023

In September, BME welcomed 100+ students into our graduate programs. We asked some of these students why they chose our programs, and what they are looking forward to in the coming academic year. Here's what they have to say.

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QIn Dai

Ferdinand (Reke) Avikpe
PhD Program

I am looking forward to making new friends, growing my professional connections and just enjoying the process.

Biomedical engineering became an area of interest through a combination of my love for science and my desire to be part of developing medical technology solutions that would improve access to healthcare. When the pandemic came during my 2nd year of university, I was introduced to nanotechnology and tissue engineering by chance and developed a strong interest in this branch of technology. Specifically, I found the use of nanotechnology in the production of mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 really interesting. I was intrigued by the technological capacity to see and subsequently control individual molecules and atoms. I was convinced that nanotechnology would present interesting opportunities to develop novel and revolutionary medical solutions for our struggling society. Since my undergrad University did not have a biomedical engineering program, I picked up a second major in Mathematics in addition to my biochemistry major with the aim of applying to biomedical engineering for graduate school. 

Brynn Voigt
MASc Program

I’m eagerly anticipating delving deeper into the realm of medical technology and engaging with the exceptional research community at U of T.

My motivation to pursue biomedical engineering stems from a strong desire to make a meaningful difference in the healthcare sector. I aspire to leverage the knowledge gained during my studies to play a role in the development of cutting-edge medical devices.

Koorosh Roohi
PhD Program

Pursuing a graduate degree in biomedical engineering was inspired by a deep-seated desire to create something truly impactful and useful for others. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of using my skills and knowledge to make a positive difference in the world. Biomedical engineering offers a unique opportunity to do just that, as it sits at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and healthcare.

Aman Rahimatpure
MEng Program

I’m excited about delving deeper into advanced subjects, engaging in meaningful research, expanding my knowledge, and contributing to the academic community through my studies and discoveries. I am also eager to make connections with professors, my peers, and experts in the field!

This unique opportunity combines my passion for technology with my desire to contribute to human health and well-being. I aim to participate in the creation of innovative medical solutions and the enhancement of patient care.

Bernadette Ng
MASc Program

Fueled by my undergraduate research on lungs-on-a-chip, I am driven to acquire the skills necessary to embark on a career focused on diagnostic devices for remote areas. This experience has ignited my passion for delving deeper into the field of biomedical engineering.

Jemila Abdulai
MEng Program

I chose Biomedical Engineering at UofT because I want to better my skills and myself as an individual. I look forward to meeting new people, learning new things, and growing as a biomedical engineer. I am confident that earning this master’s degree at the University of Toronto will provide me with the tools and competencies required to produce high-quality and collaborative skills that will be useful in my future career endeavors.

My goal is to gain expertise in areas where I could help save lives. I want to contribute to the well-being of my community by being innovative in my approach to health care. Hence, my decision to study Biomedical Engineering. Since I enjoy learning about biomedical engineering design and processes, I need to gain advanced knowledge and cutting-edge practical skills in the field. This is necessary to implement modern and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare in my country.

Katrina Meng
MASc Program

I’m most excited to expand my knowledge in the fields of biomedical engineering that interest me most; prosthetics and orthotics. I am also excited to learn from and work with the motivated and inspirational students at BME and PROPEL lab.  

I love engineering as a creative outlet. Biomedical engineering in particular allows you to work with patients in a more personal way, and can have a direct positive impact on people and their health.  

Fateme Pourghasem
PhD Program

I’m excited about the prospect of exploring a multitude of opportunities during my time at UofT, renowned as one of the world’s top universities. With a fervent commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare sector through advancements in AI, I’m confident that my endeavors could yield significant achievements. The exceptional resources provided by the university will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in realizing these ambitions.

The motivation behind my pursuit of biomedical engineering lies in my research focus on AI-assisted rehabilitation at UofT. The presence of exceptional labs, featuring a diverse array of interdisciplinary experts, coupled with the chance to engage with actual patients and the flexibility to enroll in courses across various departments, reinforces my belief in the Biomedical Engineering department’s capacity to provide comprehensive learning during my PhD journey.

Pourya Moghadam
PhD Program

As a PhD student at the University of Toronto, I’m looking forward to diving deeper into my research, collaborating with experts in my field, and contributing new insights to the academic community. The opportunity to expand my knowledge and develop advanced skills is truly exciting as I work towards achieving my academic and career goals.

I was drawn to studying biomedical engineering by the fascinating intersection of biology, technology, and healthcare. The chance to create innovative solutions that improve medical treatments and patient care motivated me to pursue this field of study. I’m excited about the potential to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives through advancements in medical technology.

Thierry Dugas
MASc Program

I am looking forward to collaborating with clinicians in a multidisciplinary environment, meeting like-minded individuals, and exploring new areas of research. I also hope to get involved in a wide range of opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills to contribute to advancing and improving access to medical technologies for everyone.

I was inspired to study biomedical engineering after seeing the tangible impact of engineering design in improving the quality of life of patients. I find motivating the possibility of applying problem-solving and technical skills to research with real-world implications.

Ben Kozlowski
MASc Program

I am excited to engage in a multitude of research opportunities within my field of study, developing an inquisitive and critical mindset to serve me within academia and other avenues of my life. In relation, I am eager to take on teaching prospects within my Department and the University as a whole to begin translating my knowledge base with prospective students. With this, working with like-minded individuals in a community that values direction and serves to bolster collaborative ideals and ensure holistic growth.

Pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering ticks all the boxes of my academic interests and proclivities, harbouring the infusion of biomedical and core scientific knowledge with analytical foundations. It is the best of both worlds and opens the doors to a multitude of modes of thinking, as to apply directly what you learn to a health care frame. The collaboration between faculty and academics in BME is second to none, and I intend to maximize my opportunities here throughout my tenure. 

Martin Hermans
MEng Program

I am excited to build upon my undergraduate knowledge and innovate within my chosen field to ultimately contribute meaningfully to the global community.

I chose to study biomedical engineering because I wish to explore my interests and passions in the intersectionality of engineering and medicine, and the program offers both theoretical coursework and practical components.

Benjamin Banh
MEng Program

Coming from a life science background, I’m excited to learn more about how the biological sciences connect and intersect with technology and engineering. I hope to further develop my skills in problem-solving while using my own unique skillset coming from a life and biological sciences background to create solutions to current and future healthcare problems. I plan to explore both biological and technical pathways to further developing and optimizing healthcare.

As someone who hopes to pursue medicine and work in the healthcare system, I am constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to offer patients the best care possible. With technology being a prominent and influential tool in the world of medicine, I have become aware of its role and importance in the development of treatments and diagnosis of different conditions. The MEng Biomedical Engineering program offers a chance for students to gain real-world experience in the healthcare sector and a chance to immerse themselves in the field intersecting medicine and technology.

Avantika Vaidya
MEng Program

In addition to all the amazing academic opportunities that the institute has to offer, I’m looking forward to collaborating and learning from a diverse network of passionate peers and professionals within BME and at UofT. I think the BME program’s design offers unparalleled opportunities for both professional and personal growth, and I’m excited to use this graduate program to foster positive change in my communities and in industry.

I have always had a very deep inclination towards all subjects within STEM, but I have always admired the unique potential that biomedical engineering has to address complex human healthcare issues from an innovative design perspective. I was inspired to join the BME industry after observing how directly medical technology influences the success of the healthcare industry and the kinds of large-scale impact innovation can have within the field. I hope to garner skills and knowledge from this program to help advance the field further.  

Wisdom Mawuenyefia Amenyo
MEng Program

I am looking forward to working with a functional scientific and engineering network of like-minded students, faculty, and other impact-oriented individuals who have a conviction to brew positive change out of the hearts of problems into durable solutions. I am overly fascinated by the beauty of inspiration-driven purpose geared towards goals worth fighting for therefore I am expectant of being shaped into a transformative tool to help contribute to significant change in matters of modern health.

I want to be a catalyst growing up, someone who sparks growth while impacting characteristics of sustainability through efficiency in the environment I find myself. I deem it critical for any individual who is passionate and enthusiastic about positively impacting modern healthcare delivery, to have access to interconnected engineering, medical, and business resources to be able to actualize such a goal. Hence, my keen interest in Biomedical Engineering stemmed from a need to fill the gap that evolving technology has created in the field of health which has made practitioners in my chosen career path rare expertise. My goal is to be at the front lead of a transformation to help bridge the gap of fast-evolving medical problems with appropriate instrumentation and of course, I find Biomedical Engineering a great place to further explore and utilize in doing so. In fact, this germinated to be one of the pillars of my dream career in the field of Biomedical Engineering; to gravitate, modify, and broaden my scope of knowledge about organizing and rendering quality health services to others in order to build a sustainable and innovative health network in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa, South-East Asia, and some parts of South America. This will help bridge a myriad of gaps in access, emergency response, training, and health planning in the long run.

Haotian Xue
PhD Program

I am excited to deepen my professional skills and explore the wonders of Biomedical Engineering with peers who share my passion.

I was drawn to Biomedical Engineering at UofT due to my deep passion for healthcare, complemented by the outstanding resources and faculty, which collectively offer an amazing platform for innovation in the field.

Sorsha Asady
MASc Program

I am deeply drawn to the intricate process of analyzing collected data and deciphering its clinical significance. This desire stems from my aspiration to merge my fervor for medicine and pediatric healthcare with a strong foundation in technical engineering skills. This dynamic combination fuels my pursuit of a career that seamlessly blends these two disciplines to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry.

Savina Cammalleri
PhD Program

I am looking forward to meeting like-minded, passionate, and creative people looking to push the boundaries of science and technology.

As an undergraduate alumnus, I could not imagine a better place to pursue a Ph.D. The university is a place of diverse thinkers with lots of collaborative efforts. The MPUTC program I am pursuing will allow me to travel to the Max Planck Institute in Germany to push further our understanding of the molecular manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease.

Nicholas Dietrich
MD/MEng Program

I’m eagerly anticipating the opportunity to delve into the latest breakthroughs in medicine and collaborate with a community of brilliant peers. My inspiration to study biomedical engineering lies in its unique intersection with medicine, offering the chance to pioneer innovative technologies that enhance healthcare practices. This convergence of disciplines propels my passion for making a tangible difference in the field.

Camille Guerin
MEng Program

Studying biomedical engineering was motivated by my aspiration to blend my enthusiasm for science and technology with a profound commitment to making a positive difference in human health and well-being.

Peter Greechan
PhD Program

I’m focused on fostering a vibrant community within the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and deepening my understanding of neuromodulation. This drive is deeply influenced by my mother’s impactful work in healthcare and my own fervor for the sciences. Together, these experiences fuel my dedication to contributing meaningfully to the field.

Peter Chimienti
MEng Program

I’m eager to broaden my expertise in the realm of medical devices and biomedical engineering. My enduring passion for engineering has always been a driving force, and the prospect of crafting devices and therapies that can alleviate illness and enhance quality of life is an extraordinary opportunity that I simply couldn’t resist delving into. This convergence of my interests and aspirations propels me forward in this field.

Zahra Niazi
MEng Program

I am genuinely looking forward to studying the courses I have selected for my program. Moreover, I’m excited about utilizing the unique resources provided by the school to enhance my skills and personal growth.

The dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of the program which combines both medicine and engineering is what appealed to me. Coming from a background in biomedical sciences, I wanted to align my existing skills and knowledge with the practical applications I’m excited to learn about through this master’s program.

Elizabeth Acheampong 
MEng Program

I look forward to exploring new opportunities, contributing to the biomedical engineering community, making wonderful friends, and being the best version of myself.

In my senior high education, I had the opportunity to join a cohort of students who engineered robotic systems from cheap mechanical and electronic components. This exploration together with my interest in healthcare birthed in me a singular interest in biomedical engineering. In 2018, I began my biomedical engineering undergraduate studies at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I wasn’t sure of my long-term goals until in the same year, my wonderful mother was diagnosed with the uncommon but fatal cancer multiple myeloma. Since then, I’ve become increasingly driven to contribute to the effort to address the issue of delayed sickness detection and to push the advancement of modern medicine through biomedical engineering.  

Ann Maria Pius
MEng Program

I am looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and building my professional network while exploring various domains in Biomedical Engineering.

Fateme Eskandary
PhD Program

I’m thrilled about the opportunity to receive world-class research training and be part of a community that shares a deep passion for learning and creating. It’s incredibly enriching to have a network of like-minded individuals who are eager to explore various fields.

In my quest to help others, I’ve realized that simplicity is key. Health is a universal need, and that’s where I’ve chosen to focus my efforts. The prospect of creating solutions that could potentially improve the lives of thousands worldwide is what truly excites me. It allows me to blend different disciplines, push the boundaries of knowledge, and make a positive impact on a global scale.

Minnie Menezes
MASc Program

I am looking forward to finally working in a hospital and actually doing BME research every day of school! 

My love for healthcare and medicine has been around since I was a child. I’ve always been passionate about helping others and doing so first-hand brings me much joy. 

Jade Huang
MASc Program

I look forward to strengthening my technical and professional skills as an independent researcher while making meaningful connections with like-minded people and generating lasting memories. As a MASc student, I want my research to positively impact patients’ lives and improve their overall quality of life. 

I was motivated by the potential treatments in regenerative medicine for human application while completing my undergraduate thesis at the University of Toronto. I wanted to conduct graduate-level research in a rigorous yet supportive atmosphere, and choosing BME was an easy decision to continue my academic journey.  

Emnpreet Bahra
MEng Program

Graduate school gives me the chance to further my knowledge in an emerging field through interdisciplinary collaboration and industry connections. I am excited to take courses at the intersection of engineering and medicine, and I look forward to working with like-minded people along the way!

My passion for design thinking and medicine has been a driving force in my decision to pursue a career in biomedical engineering and has given me unique experiences in healthcare. Combined, they have the ability to drive positive change in our society, and biomedical engineering allows me to be a part of that!

Cecil Chikezie
PhD Program

I look forward to learning from my supervisor, Professor Patricia Trbovich, and the HumanEra lab members at North York General Hospital. Through our interaction, I will gain more expertise in the fields of Human Factors Engineering, Patient Safety, and Quality Improvement.

My interest in Biomedical engineering was bolstered during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kenya, my home country, was subject to high costs of oxygen ventilators, stiff global competition to obtain test kits, and deficient expertise to manufacture either product locally. Therefore, I decided to pursue biomedical engineering to positively impact the Kenyan and global healthcare systems.

Samantha Unger
PhD Program

I’m excited to meet other students and researchers, while continuing to expand my skillset and contributing to the support of human health.

I love how multidisciplinary biomedical engineering is, bringing together approaches and ideas from different fields. I appreciate how this leads to unique collaboration and innovation that has the ability to create a meaningful impact.

Zarifa Nazarali
MEng Program

I look forward to joining the diverse, talented community at UofT and contributing to advancements in the field of BME!

BME is the perfect amalgamation of life science, technology, and design. I was immediately captivated by the multidisciplinary approach to solving complex problems, with the ultimate goal of transforming global health. The dynamic nature of the field along with the potential for exponential growth and innovation is exciting!

Adriel Ngo
MEng Program

I’m looking forward to enhancing my technical skills and learning more about medical device development. I’m excited to experience new opportunities.

I was inspired to study biomedical engineering when I discovered a passion for working on engineering design for innovative technologies that can directly impact public health and improve the quality of life of people in need.

Emmanuella Akowuah
MEng Program

I love applying engineering principles to medicine. I want to learn more about biomedical engineering especially in the field of rehabilitation and gain more opportunities to utilize the knowledge gained.

I selected the program because of its curriculum and the opportunity to gain more professional skills in my field. Also, its connection with rehabilitation institutes and company.