Research Gallery 2021

Here we curated some outstanding research image submissions by members within our community.

Hongmin Chen, PhD Candidate
Warren Chan Lab

Depicted in the picture is a collection of quantum dot infused polystyrene beads imaged on a smartphone. The beads are fluorescently coloured and can be used in a sandwich assay for diagnosing infectious diseases. The “tails” attached to the beads are imaging artifacts from our custom imaging system.
Siwan Park, PhD Candidate
Edmond Young Lab

We have developed a lung airway-on-a-chip consisting of an airflow system combined with airway epithelial cells cultured in a biodegradable floating hydrogel. This Microfluidic system enables the delivery of particulate matter to the live epithelial cells, which can then be extracted from the chip for various biochemical characterizations. This system represents a promising in vitro platform to study the effect of air pollution on lung airway epithelial cells.
Wendy Wang, Postdoctoral Fellow
Leo Chou Lab

Nanodevices created out of DNA (red) were introduced to macrophages (cyan) in culture. Cell nuclei are labelled in yellow.
Chantal Trepanier, MASc Candidate
Paul Santerre Lab

Nanoparticle crystalline lattice.
Zachary Fishman, Postdoctoral Fellow
Cari Whyne Lab

On a 3D head CT scan, the facial soft tissue thickness is visualized between the segmented skin surface and the skull (0 to 20 mm scale).
Zongjie Wang, PhD Candidate
Shana Kelley & Edward Sargent Lab

This SEM image reveals the 3D-printed microstructure of a microfluidic system which has been applied to early cancer diagnosis and cell enrichment for immunotherapy.
Zi Xuan Zhang, PhD Candidate
Eli Sone & Sowmya Viswanathan Lab

Transmission electron microscopy is an indispensable tool used by the Sone lab to image collagen fibrils on the nanoscale.
Chuan Liu, PhD Candidate
Milica Radisic Lab

Scaffolds fabricated by 3D printing of bioelastomers have the ability to mimick both the structures and mechanical properties of native tissues, which are ideal for organ-on-a-chip and tissue engineering applications. When printed via coaxial extrusion in a stochastic manner, this artistic three-dimensional structure made of rhodamine-embedded poly(itaconate-co-citrate-co-octanediol) was created.
Keyu Zhuang, PhD Candidate
Hai-Ling Margaret Cheng Lab

Immunofluorescence images of human embryonic stem cells, staining for pluripotency markers OCT4 (green), SSEA4 (red), and cell nuclei (blue).