Tips for Working from Home During Quarantine

Starting and staying focused on work can be difficult under normal circumstances. Here are a few tips for working from home during COVID-19.

It can be difficult to keep motivated during these times. Here are a few ways you can simply start a task when you’re in a state of procrastination.

  • Build a routine
    • Start with setting a small goal unrelated to work in the morning and complete it. This helps create momentum
  • Use the 5-minute rule
    • Set a goal to do the task you’re avoiding for just 5-minutes and if you can’t focus, rotate to another task
  • Pair down your to-do list
    • focus on 3 goals a time

Starting is half the battle the other lies in staying on task. Below are tips on how to stay focused.

  • Lock your phone and computer
    • Download an app that can block distractions like social media apps/webpages
  • Set timers
    • Work in intervals and take breaks in intervals
  • Figure out what works for you
    • i.e. If you work better with others, find a friend that you can study with on video chat