Two BME faculty promoted to professor position

Dr. Lidan You and Dr. Eli Sone were promoted to the position of Professor at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME), effective July 1st 2020. This promotion was based on their research excellence, teaching achievements, and community based contributions.

Professor You’s research focused on solving biomechanical questions in muscular skeletal system at the cellular level. In specific, she has been working on the anti-resorptive effect of mechanical loading on bone tissue, mechanical loading effect on bone metastasis, and the advanced microfluidic system for bone cell mechanotransduction study. Prof. You is the Erwin Edward Hart Professor in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Institute of Biomedical Engineering at University of Toronto. Prof. You is actively engaged in research and teaching, and has demonstrated long last contributions to biomedical engineering and innovation. Professor You’s research has also been featured by Science Translational Medicine, British Society of Haemotology, American Institute of Physics, and Bioanalysis.

Eli Sone

Professor Sone’s research focus is at the intersection of materials science and biology. His lab seeks to understand structure-function relationships in biological materials, and to apply these insights to bioinspired materials design. In the area of biomineralization, his group has made important contributions to understanding the molecular factors that control collagen mineralization, and to the application of these to development of tissue engineering scaffolds and hydrogels for bone regeneration. In the area of bioadhesion, his lab discovered many of the remarkable proteins involved in freshwater mussel adhesion and is working on using this knowledge to design novel bioadhesives as well as anti-fouling surfaces.